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Corporate Client Testimonials

I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of Rena Alseth. I have had the pleasure of knowing
Rena for over 9 years in various professional settings and feel she is a strong asset to any organization.
Rena and I first met while she was interviewing to work at Life Time Fitness in St. Louis Park, MN. Rena was given the personal training position and successfully worked under me for 2 years as a personal trainer. As I moved on, Rena stayed with Life Time for a few years and moved into leadership roles within the organization. Rena is strong in execution and developing lasting relationships. She saw a lot of success with her clients and they enjoyed their time with her.
In October of 2014, I opened a personal training studio called Fitspace. Rena came to our facility to train her clients. While she was here we learned of the program she created for the Metro Council bus drivers and staff. We were very intrigued by the program and hired her in January of 2015 to create and run a similar program at Fitspace.
While Rena was at Fitspace she created our 12-week Ultimate Program. We then started the program for our clients in April of 2015. We have seen nothing but success from our clients and for our business with the Ultimate Program. In the beginning, Rena led a majority of the workouts and then as the program grew we hired additional staff to help with execution of the program. Even though Rena has departed from Fitspace we still run the successful Ultimate Program and continue to grow on the amazing foundation she created.
I believe the knowledge and hard work that Rena possesses would be a great asset to any program. She will work hard, motivate and educate others. Her positive personality makes her a strong leader in any position.

S. W.

Owner of Fitspace

I have recently had the privilege of working with Rena Kramer with our Fit for Life Program at Metro Transit. A few of my officers participated in the health and wellness assessments and my entire shift participated in the Healthy Eating Class.
We work dogwatch and Rena was extremely flexible with her hours and she was willing to come into the police department in the evening to meet with my shift. We were very pleased with the information she presented to us as well as the healthy eating recipes that were tailored for our schedule and lifestyle.
Rena is very personable and knowledgeable about health and wellness. She helped us with diet tips as well as supplement questions and suggestions. In addition, she was also able to help us with stretching and breathing exercises that we can do while we are on duty. She also offered yoga classes for officers who were on-duty and it was very popular with officers as well.
Rena understands the fact that first responders have a high stress and intense profession. She did a great job creating a health and wellness program that is tailored to those needs and is also practical for first responders.

E. D.

Sergeant at Metro Transit Police Department

I was fortunate enough to meet Rena Kramer after my organization brought her on as a contractor to
help people with their fitness, nutrition, wellness and overall health. During the course of the six-month period, I was able to be one of the many employees to receive individual and in class attention from Rena. I can say that she displayed excellent adaptability with each person’s needs and wants. Rena’s program wasn’t a one size fits all approach and she took the time to get to know each person who wanted to benefit from her knowledge and skill set. Rena was extremely flexible when it came to meeting for group classes on nutrition, yoga and relaxation. Rena had immense success due to her ability to tailor programs for the individual, which helped put a more personal touch on the interactions.
I can say that many from my department took the opportunity to learn and participate in Rena’s program and definitely came out better for it. I highly recommend Rena for her adaptability, determination, patience, knowledge and personality when it comes to improving the health of first responders.

T. A.

Sergeant at Metro Transit Police Department

I am writing this letter to recommend Rena Alseth's company, Core Achievement, for your organization's wellness needs. I've had the pleasure of knowing Rena for about five years on a personal level as well as a professional one.

Metropolitan Council originally hired Rena in 2014 as a consultant to provide 90 Day Weight Loss Programs at some of our bus garages. Her programs were quite comprehensive - five days a week with classes on nutrition, behavior change and exercises. Rena required participants to get a physician approval for the course. She took pre-course measurements and pictures and post-course measurements and pictures. She also provided us with a detailed report after each program. Program results were very impressive, indicating significant weight loss for almost all participants. We've continued to contract with Core Achievement each year since 2014.

Employees who participated in Rena's program wrote testimonials about the program. Almost all described how the program had positively impacted their way of life. Overall, they stated that the combination of exercise and nutrition education was the key - as well as Rena's personal investment in their progress.

I think two of Rena's key strengths are her passion for health and wellness and her ability to motivate others on the road to a healthy lifestyle. She also "walks the talk" - modeling health lifestyle choices herself. She is hardworking and dedicated to her profession.

I believe any organization would benefit from having Core Achievement provide wellness resources to their employees. 

T. B.

Benefits Manager at Metropolitan Council

I am writing this reference for Rena Alseth who is looking to expand her clientele in the area through her business, Core Achievement. Rena has worked with us since 2017 and has provided valuable services to our employee group.

Rena has a number of strengths I'd like to share. She works very well with all levels of employees and made them all feel comfortable during their assessments. The service provided is very valuable and has opened many of our employees' eyes to ways to be more healthy, fit and general awareness of their overall wellness.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Rena Alseth. If her performance in my business is any indication of how she'd perform in your organization, Rena will be an extremely positive addition to your organization. 

L. W.

Human Resources Business Partner at Genesis Attachments

I am writing this letter as an evaluation and recommendation on behalf of Metro Transit Police Department for our personal trainer Rena Kramer. We were clients of Rena's from January-October 2017 and were very pleased with what she has done to help us achieve our health goals. 

Rena was very attentive to the individual needs of each officer and myself and structured a personal health plan and exercises according to our needs. I and many of the officers walked away from the sessions tired, but also satisfied and excited to see the progress we are making towards our health and fitness goals. Rena personally helped me to understand each exercise and the reasons for including it in my regiment along with a healthier diet.

Rena's professionalism and expertise has assisted our department in many ways. In addition to her one on one consultations, she participated in our Academy speaking to the recruits about how diet and exercise plays a huge role in physical strength, emotional strength and life style changes. These things are a key factor in producing not only healthy Cops, but the flow of positive energy in a healthy work place.

Chief Harrington and the staff here at the MTPD really think highly of Rena and we would like to offer her as a recommendation to anyone who is serious about becoming healthy and physically fit.

L. J.

Executive Assistant at Metro Transit Police Department

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