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Individual Client Testimonials

My top three goals upon starting my six month program were weight loss, increase activity and reduce stress. Rena helped me to obtain these goals by constant support, active coaching and understanding my goals and developing a plan to help me. I have noticed significant change in my wight loss and I have increased confidence. Rena was caring, knowledgeable, understanding and always available. I would recommend her to my friends, family and anyone who wants to enhance their fitness level as well as lose weight. Rena was so fantastic and made a true believer out of someone, me, who thought they could do it on their own.

S. G.

Cleveland, OH

Rena at Core Achievement has been an awesome coach. I say coach because she is so much more than a “Trainer”. She has helped me to set hard, but realistic goals, discuss lifestyle changes, and develop plans for long term success. She not only ensures I work out my body, but also gives attention to my overall well-being - including nutrition and education that I will have for a lifetime.

E. F.

Shakopee, MN

Rena is a true professional. I worked with her at St. Louis County, MN. She has an uncanny ability to juggle many projects at once giving each her full attention. More recently, her knowledge of health and wellness is proven and exceptional. She approaches my health issues with concern and empathy all the while providing me the tools necessary to change it and motivate me. Her expertise in health and fitness would prove to be an asset to any organization.

S. L.

St. Louis County, MN

Rena is professional and dedicated in the fitness world, with comprehensive experience, knowledge and expertise in the fields of exercise, weight loss, fitness and nutrition. These qualities, along with her inspiring and fun personality, rank her high above a standard "personal trainer", as she motivates, teaches, and coaches her clients to make lifestyle changes or to achieve their fitness goals.

C. V.

Minnetonka, MN

I have worked with other trainers in the past, but Rena was the first person to bring strength, flexibility and muscle condition together. She works within my own capabilities while achieving improvements in all three areas. I truly have not felt this good in many, many years. It is hard to believe that I actually do work out at home, because I can feel and see the results. Thank you, Rena!

J. V.

Golden Valley, MN

Rena has been my favorite personal trainer for years. She is focused on my objectives and has good judgment about what training is needed for what purpose and what time. She is also a lovely person. I would recommend her for personal training.

S. M.

Edina, MN

I've been working with Rena for nearly two years after suffering a low back injury that left me with two degenerative discs (L4, L5). I live an active lifestyle and started noticing strength, mobility and flexibility loss due to the injury, especially in my core. Rena's put together fun, challenging sessions each and every time I've seen her. Not only do I enjoy our sessions, but the work has helped me to play better golf, tolerate long plane rides and even sit at my desk for 9 hours a day pain free! I highly recommend Rena for anyone looking to increase flexibility, mobility, strength and performance, or if you just want to get into better shape. My wife, Lindsey, recently started seeing Rena and couldn't be happier with her results. Thanks for all your help Rena!

Z. B.

Edina, MN

Rena was a dedicated and professional instructor at Lifetime’s Academy. She presented ideas and content in an easy and applicable manner. We could walk out the door and immediately use her ideas on managing our time, obtaining business and taking care of ourselves. She was able to give us a great bird’s eye view of our schedules and guided us on what changes we needed to make. She saw I had too many things on my plate, and suggested ways I could be successful. She definitely has a great passion for health and she is someone I trust with my own health and wellness.

J. J.

St. Louis Park, MN

I trained with Rena while she was at Life Time Fitness. Rena is a dedicated and reliable professional who genuinely cares about the physical well-being of her clients and the achievement of their long-term health goals. She possesses a solid understanding of nutrition and fitness. Most importantly, she brings a lot of enthusiasm every day which is extremely motivating.

S. B.

St. Louis Park, MN

Rena is more than just a personal trainer. The wealth of information she has to share is life changing.

A. W.

Bloomington, MN

Rena is a very positive person, someone who is a go-getter! I recommend you visit with Rena about your fitness goals & your overall health goals. She will help you create a realistic plan. Her coaching will encourage you to reach your potential. I recommend Rena to anyone who is serious about their health.

P. C.

Minneapolis, MN

Rena was my personal trainer for several years and I found her to be motivating, passionate, and genuinely invested in my results and success. She became more than a trainer, I looked to her as a trusted health advocate and friend. I would recommend Rena to anyone looking for a credible health and nutrition coach, and partner.

R. W.

Denver, CO

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"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." - Don Alden Adams

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