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Exercise of the Month

This month I'd like to highlight hiking. Though many don't consider hiking exercise, it most certainly is! This is a picture of me hiking at Gooseberry State Park just north of Two Harbors, Minnesota in the spring. I love to get out hiking as often as possible as I find being in nature calms me and makes me stronger all at the same time. It is my preferred over all form of exercise!

Getting outdoors and moving has many health benefits including:

  • Lower stress levels, improved mood, and enhanced mental well-being by releasing endorphins - your "happy hormones"

  • Increased blood flow and circulation

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Cardio-vascular health through interval training (increased and decreased heart-rate levels)

  • Improved control over healthy weight

  • Stronger muscles

  • Improved bone density

  • Improved osteoarthritis outcomes

  • Increases in flexibility and coordination

  • A better quality of life!

  • Enhanced relationships with the great outdoors and often with family and friends

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