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Are you in your "right" mind?

This month I'd like to share a very powerful YouTube video with you. The video is 20-minutes long, but it is 20-minutes of your valuable time that could change how you think and therefore improve the quality of your life. I strongly encourage you to watch it, and as you watch it, keep an open mind and let its content resonate with you.

How are you thinking, and therefore feeling, after watching the video? Are you in your right brain? Could it be worth spending some quality time there?

We often get stuck in our left brains. In fact, we can easily get consumed with ourselves. Not because we are selfish nor arrogant, it’s just that we have that little voice inside that constantly keeps us company. Do you ever get absorbed in your routine, i.e. get up, get ready, go to work, run errands, fix dinner, unwind, go to bed, repeat? If you live with a partner, spouse, children, roommates, etc., do you have quality conversations together and on a regular basis? Including our immediate families, how do you regularly communicate with people? Are you taking the time to talk with them when they are only a text or email away? Today, we don’t need to talk to anyone to be completely in the know. Technology has made it possible to get the information we used to get through communication with others unnecessary as it is now available at our fingertips. How do these things affect our ability to feel connected as a community, family, group, team, etc.?

Being physically, mentally, and emotionally connected to fellow humans is extremely important. Plenty of research has been done on human behavior and results show that the happiest and healthiest people are the ones who give of themselves the most! With that said, I’m not suggesting that you give away your hard-earned money or possessions. I am talking about being present and perhaps giving a little of your humanity and time. You can start small, try smiling and saying hi to the people you pass by. It’s important to note, as you do this some people won’t even acknowledge you saw them let alone smile or say hi back but don’t be disheartened, they also get stuck in their left brains. It’s important to realize we truly don’t know what people are going through any more than they know what we are going through. Keep on giving! Mark my words, there will be some who will acknowledge your kind gesture and they will reciprocate it right back to you! Sometimes people go without talking to others for a long, long, time and your kind gesture could’ve possibly made their day a whole lot better! How would that make you feel? How does it make you feel when a genuinely kind person takes a second to smile, makes eye contact with you and simply says, hi?

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring to this space.” ~ Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

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