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This shredded buffalo chicken recipe is a crock-pot delight!

In May I needed to detoxify. I needed to get back into the swing of well-being after spending several months out of my regular routine.

By the way, in my work I know that people can only be successful at staying well when they have a plan that includes being prepared. That’s why when we go on vacation, face the holidays, or finish up a very structured weight loss plan (a 90-day challenge, for example), we tend to “fall off the healthy lifestyle” wagon. It’s not intentional, it’s just that one day becomes two, two days becomes a week, and so on.

I can help you get back on track! Reach out to me for more help with your lifestyle and behavior change needs.

To help make prep a little easier, I’d like to share this absolutely delicious buffalo chicken recipe with you, and you will be impressed with not only how good it tastes but how easy it is to make!

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

Serves 4

  • 1-pound organic chicken

  • 1 cup Frank’s Original hot sauce

  • ¼ cup coconut oil


  1. Mix hot sauce and coconut oil together, a whisk works well.

  2. Set crock-pot to high and add chicken.

  3. Pour sauce over chicken covering fully.

  4. Keep on high heat for 4 hours, check occasionally to make sure chicken is still covered so it stays nice and moist.

  5. After 4 hours, shred chicken with a fork. It should shred easily, if not, continue heating chicken until it shreds easily.


Enjoy in tacos, on a salad, stuffed in sweet potato, on a whole grain bun, or any other way you like! YUM

This recipe was adopted from the Life Time D.Tox program

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