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Judging yourself this January?

Let’s face it, we’ve come through the holiday’s having eaten quite a bit more than we’d planned on and exercising a lot less, if at all. Insisting silently to ourselves that we will start dieting and exercising in the new year!

How many of us went into the holidays with a few extra pounds already, that we somehow found ourselves with from summertime barbecues and other social events that prided themselves on the food and drinks served, (not to mention the pumpkin latte craze of fall!)?

Now that January is here how are you feeling? Are you feeling a bit intimidated by the work you need to do to feel better about yourself? Are you feeling discouraged, or are you being hard on yourself?

Having gone through all of examples listed above, I can personally attest to having felt pretty bad about the situation I found my health and fitness level in, on many January 1sts! To be completely honest, I felt horrible about myself and I was very hard on myself. I outwardly and quietly beat myself up on a conscious level until I was subconsciously doing it too. I’d catch myself saying things like, “look what you’ve done to yourself, your hopeless.” “This is the way you are meant to be, and you will always be this way.” “You don’t deserve to look and feel good.”

Unfortunately, that thought pattern was detrimental to my health, and I was not able to reach my health and fitness goals while it continued. There are several psychologists, doctors, theologists, etc. who have written and spoke on this very topic, and I agree, we are what we think about the most. Change your thoughts and change your outcomes!

The first step to reach your goal is to tell yourself you are worth it! Anytime you catch yourself saying negative things, change that thought into a positive one immediately.

Here are a few of the greatest leaders of all times and their quotes on the topic:

  • The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. ~Marcus Aurelius

  • A man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. ~Mahatma Gandhi

  • We move toward, and become like, that which we think about. Our present thoughts determine our future. ~Dr. Lou Tice

  • Change your thoughts and change your world. ~Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

I am a personal result of this theory, I know it works because it worked for me and it has worked for many of my clients. This is a process, it takes dedication and patience but the changes that happen from knowing and believing you are beautiful, fit, happy, and healthy are priceless! Keep reading each month for more bit’s & tip’s on lifestyle and behavior!

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